Hi! My name is Anja Bondarchuk. I'm a born and raised Seattleite who loves rain and coffee way too much. I'm a very happy wife and mother of the most adorable little girl and baby boy in the world. I love travelling, hiking, kayaking and pretty much any kind of adventuring (as long as it doesn't involve heights!).

I honestly can't even remember when I first became interested in photography. I received my first film SLR camera when I was twelve and ever since have been capturing everything from: excited family members opening gifts on Christmas Eve, to hidden lakes in the Swiss alps, to the wonder of a newly arrived baby into the world.

My love for photography inspired me to study art at University of Washington where I received my BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. While at UW, I was blessed to be able to study a plethora of mediums and even spend a quarter in Rome studying some of the most incredible art in the world. Those experiences helped grow me as an artist and have inspired me to see every one of my photos not just as a picture I take, but as a work of art I am creating.

Simply put, I love life and I love preserving little moments of my life and can't wait to capture moments from your beautiful life! I'm always happy to meet up for coffee and get to know you better; as well as hear about the photos you'd like taken! Looking forward to hearing from you!